We offer a wide range of consulting solutions in the Learning and Organizational Development domain on a project basis. Our seasoned consultants partner with the internal team to provide a host of customized solutions in the areas of talent management, leadership development, competency building and change management among others. Our approach is to closely work with the internal teams and complement them in their various strategic L&OD initiatives. The solutions offered are scalable to match organization-wide needs, flexible enough to be implemented in stages, and utilize validated measures to drive success. The solutions are benchmarked, robust, practical and integrated in nature, which strives to institutionalize processes.

Instructor-led Training Module Creation & TTT

We specialize in creating instructor-led training modules customized to the specific needs of the organization. We have a strong content development team which strictly follows the principles of adult learning to target the learner’s cognitive and affective senses to create superior and compelling training modules. Our delivery is the Training Kit that includes Presentation Deck, Facilitator’s Guide, Workbook, Games/ Exercises/ Activities, Role-plays, Caselets, Self-assessment Tests, Learning Quizzes and reference to Film Clips and Videos. A module facilitation workshop (TTT) is also offered to train the internal trainers on effectively facilitating the module. Additionally, we also have a repertoire of more than 50 off-the-shelf modules for organization to purchase and customize internally.

Competency Mapping & Integration

We develop Competency Framework for the organization or for specific roles that can be seamlessly integrated into various organizational processes. We map both technical and behavioral competencies for the role and their behavioral indicators. Our consultants use a combination of methodologies for data collection including behavioral event interviews, surveys, expert panel and focus groups. The Competency Framework is put through a rigorous validation process before handing it over to the organization. Additional services within organizational competencies include creating Competency-based Interviewing Guide, Competencies Development Guide and Competency Internalization interventions.

HR and OD Interventions Efficacy Study

HR and OD interventions, specifically critical and large scale ones, are often aimed at bringing about a significant change with clearly defined objectives and deliverables. However, not all interventions deliver promised results. Measuring the deliverables and thus tracking the success of the initiatives is an imperative. Reducing marginal benefit becomes too steep to carry on the intervention at some point of time. We conduct efficacy study of such interventions and come out with findings and suggestions to give a new lease of life to them. The study involves online surveys, focus groups and interviews with the target groups and the key stakeholders. Findings along with recommendations are presented in the form of a Report.

Aptitude Test Creation

We prepare role-specific Aptitude Tests to help organizations in screening candidates during the selection process. The Tests include multiple-choice questions to assess candidate’s Numerical abilities, Analytical abilities, Language proficiency and Domain knowledge. Depending on the role, we also include sections that contain case-let analysis, situation analysis and qualitative questions. A customization study is conducted with the key stakeholders to map the skills to be assessed and the expected level of proficiency. We provide organizations with readymade Tests of multiple sets or provide them a pool of multiple-choice questions to create online Tests using software. Where required, we also conduct an internal norm testing to arrive at the cut-off scores for the Tests.

Organization Vision-Mission-Values Creation, Internalization & Integration

Our attempt through the engagement in creating organization’s Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) is to navigate the profanity generally associated with an initiative like this one, and bring to the participating members the inherent value that it truly represents. We treat this as a change management initiative which is not as much about crafting the VMV per say, but about driving it as an everyday reality and allowing it to reach and reformulate the very DNA of the organization. Led by a panel of consultants with credible industry experience, this intervention includes a thorough groundwork, organization value diagnostics, VMV creation, its communication and finally, VMV internalization. An audit of the efficacy of the VMV and review is an integral part of the offering.