Don Bosco Higher Secondary School

About – It is a school for higher secondary education located in the centre of Panjim. We offer Arts/Commerce/Science for students appearing for Higher Secondary Board Examination. It has modern facilities on campus and a faculty rich in talent and experience.

The school ethos includes elements that promote integration and appreciation. The students are encouraged to look
beyond the walls of the classroom and develop a holistic perspective of life that has become the hallmark of the

Problem – A well-established communication as well as management channel with customers is a key requirement to ensure better operations. Setting up seamless operations while maintaining a wide range of customer base without a robust and secure communication channel is a challenge. Thus to convey important information like offers and updates for building a strong customer relationship, while maintaining a neat and organised database, and  a communication channel targeting wide reach for mass audience (customers) is required.

Solution – Don Bosco Higher Secondary School is managing their management operations and communication efficiently via Electro Curve’s Coach32 Software. With their simple APIs and real-time robust system, SMS is delivered to the customers to build communication at different events while automatically updating its student and employee database.

Coach32 focus’ on the uninspiring and time consuming aspects of education/coaching, leaving the management and the academic staff to concentrate on what they do best – Imparting Education!

The different modules included in our Coach 32 ERP software are :

Stakeholder Information – This application provides a robust institute database going through different processes of students, teachers/coaches, operators, and staff usage.

Bulk SMS/Email Console – We offer a unique and integrated sms/email application which gives you the power not only to reach out to your institute stakeholders at a click of a button and eliminates the dependence on other traditional methods.

Progress & Result Management – Enjoy the utmost convenience of generating report cards of different classes. This module includes attendance, homework and communication system.

HR & Payroll Management – It gives comprehensive reports related to salary, leave, increments, arrear, DA, PF & Form 16. We are also building an integrated system to automate other custom report generation for institute management.

This way Coach 32 has assured Don Bosco Higher Secondary School with high performance in normal broadband along with stringent security and data privacy. Thus, DBHSS has been able to establish and maintain an effective communication with the parents of their students as well as their employees while reducing the need for IT/Admin staff.

Benefit – As a result, DBHSS has been able to enhance it’s institute’s branding as existing and prospective students, parents and employees visit the software’s dashboards regularly and get frequent and fast updates from the institute. The head of the institute now has easy access to monitor the performance of its students and teachers through exclusive automated reports thus reducing a lot of time used up in regulating manual data.